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Victorious Ministries International,

located in East Baltimore, MD, is a faith-based,

non-denominational church, founded by Pastor Tony Smith

on May 4th, 1997.


Originally named New Destiny Victory Center East, the ministry

started with a mere 16 members. Church services were held

every Sunday at Dunbar High School, located in Baltimore, MD.


After two years, the ministry started to rapidly grow, prompting our move to 807 E. 43rd Street, where we changed our name to Victory Center Church.

By 2001, Victory Center Church was a thriving ministry, and the weekly

turnout demanded more space. God extended His hand of favor and blessed the ministry to obtain several properties on York Road in East Baltimore. As our church expanded, so did God's charge. There was a God-given mandate for us to become an international ministry. Because we were embarking upon new territory, we became known as Victory Ministries International.

Throughout the course of preaching, Pastor Tony had made and maintained relationships with other churches and pastors, two of many being Pastor T. Tyrone Greene of The River at Revival Mission Church (Southwest Baltimore), and Pastor Milton A. Harrell of Christ Church (Northwest Baltimore). Pastor Tony occasionally visited and preached at these churches, not knowing then that destiny would be the bridge that merged The River at Revival Mission Church, Christ Church and Victory Ministries International as one church, with him as the Senior Pastor. As a new sign of unity, Pastor Tony was led to change our identity to Victorious Ministries International.

Victorious Ministries International has developed into a 7-star ministry, fulfilling all that God called us to become. Pastor Tony will continue to obey the voice and vision of the Lord so that the ministry may be ever-evolving.

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